Runaway Train!

Recently I had the chance to see Kanye West's Runaway "music" video, you can't really call it that in all fairness it is 35 min's long, so I saw the Runaway film. Before I watched it I was afraid it was just another ego stroking affair with Kanye tell the world how great he really is, and how we need him and all the other rubbish he spews at times. I bit the bullet, gritted my teeth and dug into it. In essence it is a huge ego stroke however Kanye ain't playing dumb this time. The Runaway video is a star-studded affair with a wide number of artist contributions and with Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebankso appearing as a superhumanly beautiful phoenix, falls from the sky and then in love with West, only to discover that she must burn and return to her world. It's a force worth noting.

So what am I saying really? With a "film noir" feel to it, Kanye seems to have brought that 60's Hollywood cinema, with a flare for ground breaking musical appeal of Micheal Jackson's thriller all into a one. It has a great musical and cinema feel to it, fusing the two into one beautiful work. Plus with with a great visual presentation and contemporary feel. Unfortunately the choppy dialog presented by Director Hype Williams does detract from the experience and some still frames make the piece feel animated. All in all I feel
as an artist and nothing more, Kanye West in this film has pushed the bounds of a music video and presented a dynamic piece.

The composition of the film is 9 different songs from Kanye's upcoming album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and Runaway being the leading single from that album, works well to create a buzz. Kanye has also leaked a mix-tape "G.O.O.D. Friday" which features some of the mastered track that may be featured on the album. As for the Runaway video it features some intense cinematography and beautiful ballet piece choreography by Yemi Akinyemi, as for the tribute to MJ that felt kind cheesy
. I believe it was pretty well done video and reminded me that Kanye West is still an artist to be reckonded with, and some of that big ego has some bearing.

Hotslice new site

Hotslice site has been moved to
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Rwanda Genocide Commemoration

1994 saw the mass killing of approximately one million Rwandan Hutu's and Tutsis by the Hutu Government over a period of approximately 100 days. Other tragic events have occurred to add to this already tragic event.16 years later, it is essential that we celebrate the lives of the survivors and showing our undying support while paying our respects to those who lost their lives. They were all TRUE heroes who should NEVER be forgotten.

The Theme this year is:
"Let us commemorate the genocide committed against the Tutsi and continue to combine efforts in managing trauma."

12 April 2010, LS2D, 17:00pm
Special Guest Speakers
Film Screened: 100 days
Refreshments will be served

So Let Us Rally Together and support this worthy cause.


Guyz the TYM has come to JUMP-OFF the horrid UCT wagon and that academic ride and PWaaarttty HARDEST.... as in we shall pick u all up off the pavement becoz we want you to party that hard! that's our promise!! iTS gonna be a JAMM.... without bread or butter... but jaaast AWESOME!! We'll be having some killer ASS Disc Jockey's (who says that?) i mean KILLER DJ's, like TINO, DOMZ, LA, Buhle G and even HOTTER than HOTT DJ's WILL and OZY... they play what you wanna hear..... what is that you ask?? Aaahhh GUYZ errthang.... Hip-Hop, EA muzik, Ragga or is it Reggae? BOTH actually! and for our curious FOLK, who joined becoz we love them.... we have House and all other thingz guyz wanna hear (at a party!?!).... which as i say.. again.... AWESOME TYMMZ to come!!

So basically the steps to follow are:
1. Come to Jammie all week during Meridian and get your ticket.... if you buy on Jammie.. im thinking there are GIFTS for you!!
2. If you cannot make it to Jammie, fine there no gifts but tickets are on sale in ALL your Residences... all of them just find your rep and holla at them PROPER!
3. Tell all your home-skillet bizcuitz to come to the HOTTEST jamm of 1st semester EVA!

4. Look PHHHLYY* SMART CASUAL is a GR8 IDEA* on Friday the 19th March and Come to the BUS on LOWER CAMPUS and get on! *WITH YOUR ID*
5. Arrive at the CLUB *with your ID* and jaaast JAMM.. JAmm... JAMM... JAMMM, enjoy drink special ALL NYT.. as in ALL NYT
6. Get tired at about 4am and JUMP/ CRAWL on a BUS nd Come home!

See its simple as 1...2...3... and 4, 5,6 (ehehe)So come to Jammie, MERIDIAN.... get on our wagon and enjoy the RIDE.. to


Anti - Valentines Day?

Valentines Day, also known as lovers' day, is said to be the 2nd biggest money making day after Christmas. This commercialness of the day has made a lot of people very anti-valentines! Many people see it simply as a money-making scheme and want nothing to do with it!

I'm not a big fan of Valentines day either. Yes receiving cute smses from people you havent heard from in years, getting chocs and cards are all good and well, but is a meaningless gift really better than no gift at all? Poor guys feel pressured to out do the next and waste money on elaborate flowers and teddy bears... Girls feel pressured to cook and wear sexy lingerie... What happened to spontaniety and the element of surprise?

I want to know if my boyfriend brings me flowers one day its because he felt like it and not because society told him he should.

After speaking to a lot of people today, most of them even refused to mention the word Valentines Day... were they all single bitter people? Not at all... I think as you grow up the novelty of Valentines Day wears out... its quite a shame as the story behind Valentines Day is quite a sweet one... Maybe one day there will be more meaning to 14 February... We can either wait for the unlikely day or give it our own meaning. Today I spent Valentines Day at home by myself and its been the best Valentines Day I have ever had! I got to relax a bit, cook for myself and declutter my closet... might not be the ideal day for most people, but when you are over-worked... a day spent like this is truly priceless!!!


THE BUS is EASOC's official Meet and Greet of the year!Everyone is invited, invite your friends, it is a Night of Mayhem.We'll be taking you to a ultra secret and cool secret venue for starters and we end off at Bang Bang club on Loop street. This event usually gives the Freshers a taste of HOW HARDCORE and AWESOME EASOC is and it satisfies the cravings and withdrawal symptoms returning students have from LACK of EASOC! So come and JOIN us for a JAMM and A HALF!If you don't Believe the FUN we shall have check out for more info!

Or drop us an email at

February 12th 2010! Fun Tymz

Seasons greetings

Hotslice team wishes all our Readers. Authors and Advertisers a merry Christmas and a prosperous year in 2010.

Tiger Woods Scandalous Affair

New developments in the Tiger Woods scandal is revealing that the car crash that the world number 1 golfer and highest paid sportsman was caused by a fight that he had just had with his wife. The fight was presumably over some text messages that the wife had seen while scrolling through her husband's Phone.

The alleged mistress is Jaimee Grubbs

Sex, Alcohol and Shared Dorms

Research shows that students in inter-sex college accommodations are more likely to binge drink and have more sex than students in same sex residences. A survey of over 500 students at universities in the US found that students living in inter-sex residences were 2.5 times more likely to admit to binge-drinking on a weekly basis. They were also twice as likely to say they've had at least three sexual partners in the past year.

Aliyana Magazine Launch

The Hotslice team was given the pleasure of attending the Aliyana Magazine launch that was held at The Runway in Woodstock on Saturday 28 November 2009. Aliyana is a magazine created to "change and inspire the driven minds of our young society, and is designed to encourage aspiring master minds to do whatever it is they want to, before they are engulfed into living the monotonous lifestyle the world has prepared for them."

The main goals of the magazine is to guide young individuals on their paths to success by highlighting how successful careers can be built. This can entail how to overcome obstacles that one might face in the pursuit of their dreams and how to understand society such that one is well equipped and indeed advantaged on their road to success.

The event was hosted by former Miss Teen South Africa Zizo Beda. Five designers where showcasing their designs to be judged where the best designer won a cash prize as well as a month's internship with noted fashion designer David Morales of Pink Ant at his Cape Town studio. Judges of the designer competition where Machere Pooe, David Morales and Matshego Koza (Executive editor of Aliyana Magazine). The winning designer was Ashanti Ann Qata. Running alongside the designer competition was a model search where the winning prize was a portfolio made by BASE Model Agency as well as other prizes. The model judges where international models Niel Vincent and Dino. The model winners where Sipho Madalane and Naledi Nalane. Among the live performances of the night was renowned South African artist Franki M.

After the fashion show the venue was transformed into a dance floor where the guests, models and designers enjoyed themselves with the ensuing cocktail party.

This Week in Tech News

CNN reports that for most of the past week a Google image search for Michelle Obama returned a result with a picture of the US first lady altered to look like a monkey. Bormbarded with outrage and complaints Google blocked the site that was hosting the image and stated that the site was spreading malware. The image showed up on another site and was back in the search results but as of Wednesday was permanently removed.

A man was arrested for refusing to tweet: police arrested a senior vice president from Island Def Jam Records, saying he hindered their crowd-control efforts by not cooperating. The crowd at a mall where Justin Bieber was appearing got out of control, and police wanted the man to send a tweet asking for calm; he refused and they arrested him on a felony assault charge 'for putting people in danger.'

Be careful what pictures you put up on Facebook, it seems even the privacy policies of the social networking site are not full-proof. A Quebec woman on long-term sick leave, due to a diagnosis of depression, lost her health benefits after her insurance provider found pictures of her looking happy smiling on her Facebook at parties and out on the beach.

How much does the internet weigh? 500 billion kg! According to CNET. To reach this figure, they added together public data on the weight of every computer, server and connecting cable. To this they added 6,075,000kg of iPhones, and over 6,800,000kg of Blackberries. Finally, they added the weight of 287,524 viruses and 85 billion+ webpages.

Couple slips though security to crash Obama's dinner

Tareq and Michaele Salahi as they were arriving for the state dinner in honour of India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the White House in Washington, DC on November 24.

The Secret Service is looking into its security procedures after determining that the Virginia couple managed to slip into Tuesday night's event even though they were not on the guest list
[Read More]

City road closures for spectacular 2010 Final Draw

THE first official event to launch South Africa’s hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ takes place in Cape Townon December 4 and the City of Cape Town is pulling out all stops to demonstrate its readiness to welcome thousands of soccer fans and dignitaries.

The FIFA Final Draw, which will determine the match schedule for the 32 participating teams in next year’s soccer tournament, will be held at 19:00 on Friday, December 4 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC).

"About 3 000 international dignitaries and media representatives are expected to attend this milestone event which will be televised live to an estimated 150 million viewers across the globe. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Cape Townto put its best foot forward," says Lesley de Reuck, the City’s Director of 2010 Operations.

"To welcome VIPs at the CTICC, the City of Cape Townwill host a ‘Red Carpet’ event as from 16:00. Although the Final Draw ceremony will be closed to the public, the City has organised a one day festival in Long Street where Capetonians can view the Final Draw on large TV screens," says De Reuck.

"Prior to and during the events, several roads will be closed temporarily to enable event organisers and various City and Provincial services to prepare and secure these venues," says De Reuck

Top 15 Movies of the Decade

The nerds are taking over... at the box office at least. Top grossing movies of the past decade are almost only fantasy or science fiction. Here is a look at the moves that rocked the 2000-2009 era (title, worldwide gross, year of release):

1 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King $1,119,110,941 2003
2 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest $1,066,179,725 2006
3 The Dark Knight $1,001,921,825 2008
4 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone $974,733,550 2001
5 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End $960,996,492 2007
6 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $938,212,738 2007
7 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince $929,022,922 2009
8 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers $925,282,504 2002
9 Shrek 2 $919,838,758 2004
10 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire $895,921,036 2005
11 Spider-Man 3 $890,871,626 2007
12 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets $878,643,482 2002
13 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs $878,615,229 2009
14 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring $870,761,744 2001
15 Finding Nemo $864,625,978 2003

A more complete list can be found on Wikipedia

Hotslice launch Party in Photos

Hotslice Fans posing for Hotslice Cameras at Hotslice Launch Party at Le Chateau Marguax Claremont, Cape Town.
For More Photos of the event view the slide show below, photo can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate photo and then press the download tab

Hotslice Launch Party Updates

The most dressed girl tonight will have a hair done at NAPYCUTZ soloon Rondebosch and in addition to that she will have her picture on the front page of HOTSLICE as the Hotslice Model of the week (Replacing Naomi Campbell photo on the left sidebar).

The most dressed girl will be choosen by Hotslice Jugdes, the criteria to be used will be published after party.

Hope To See You All

Hotslice Team

Hotslice Launch Party proudly sponsored by Galitos Rondebosch

Galitos Rondebosch, the finest flame grilled chicken that your money can buy, served with a smile.

Hotslice Team together with our Launch Party main sponsor Galitos Rondebosch will be giving out free Lunch Voucher at the party tonight. The vouchers will be given out randomly based on the judges criteria.

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The venue for Hotslice Launch Party

Le Chateau Margaux, the venue for hotslice launch party next week tuesday 17th November 2009

Aka Thug Lou and LA warming the venue.

Hotslice Launch Party 2009